Super Secret MacOSX Lion Tip

… Actually, it isn’t really a secret. It just took a few weeks for the penny to drop in my case: 2Gb of RAM doesn’t cut it with Lion. Yes, it’s the published minimum spec, but on my “Late 2008 Aluminium MacBook” 2Gb and Lion equals a lot of beachball.

To my astonishment, the solution was quick, easy and – above all – cheap. £20 got me a pair of 2Gb RAM modules from , ordered on Saturday and here this morning. Taking the back off a MacBook is just a tiny bit fiddly (putting the tiny screws back in afterward with podgy fingers is the hardest) but it was accomplished in ten minutes.

MacBook is back to its old self now. A saving of £980 over the cost of a 13in MacBook Air 🙂



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