These “about” notes duplicates my first post to some extent. Why have I created Random Discourtesies? Well, I’m please you asked. For a while now, I’ve had a nagging urge to have a place I can share my thoughts with no one in particular (which, and I beg your forgiveness, includes you!)

I don’t actually expect anyone to read this blog – my pleasure (I hope) will be in the writing.

On that note…

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Walnut Rede says:

    Can’t you do it in Gill Sans??


    • crepello says:

      I’ve checked on the WordPress site and, indeed, I can upgrade in order to customise the theme I’m using. A range of fonts are available, though none which directly use the 1926 masterpiece of Mr. Eric Gill. Agreed, some are passably similar, but not – I fear – worth $30 per annum for the privilege.

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