Hello World.


This is a test page for the Random Discourtesies Blog. I have just installed MarsEdit3 from and am putting it through its paces.

This text is being typed in the RTF editor it contains, so I should be able to make the text bold, italic or even underlined. Coloured text should be possible too.

Now I think it is time to look at the HTML editor view.

Nope can’t find it.  (Yet). How about a pull quote?

Rich And HTML Text Editing

Whether you love HTML or can’t bear the sight of it, MarsEdit’s editor will thrill you. If you prefer the best of both worlds, you can switch easily between the two.

So, what about HTML, I want a horizontal ruler!


That’s done it!

Let’s see about publishing.

Looks good. I want a picture now.

I'm starting to like this.


Yep, so far it’s a ✯✯✯✯✯


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