Autumnal Feelings

Every year without fail, some time toward the end of June, I will receive a text from Chappers to the effect of “Aren’t the nights drawing in!” He sends this because he knows it irks me. It irks me because this phenomenon occurs every year of our existence on earth and yet it apparently takes so many of us by surprise. The very British trait of talking about the weather is a completely different thing, however, as that is at least variable and unpredictable. The shortening of the daylight hours is predictable and really shouldn’t be a shock to an adult.

So in that context I was immediately ashamed of my waking thought this morning! Not only was I struck by the fact it was very dark – something that shouldn’t have been a shock at 0500 in late August, but I also by how bloody chilly it was. The transition from bed to being enveloped by a warm dressing-gown was fleeting but seemed an age.

Definitely an autumn nip in the air – but principle demands the central heating won’t get used. Yet.


One thought on “Autumnal Feelings

  1. Jim says:

    Oh, Chappers. My mother-in-law is a regular sufferer of seasonal affective disorder (since retirement somewhat ameliorated by regular cruises and trips to the sun) and I too make it an absolute rule that, no matter where in the world I find myself, no matter what I am doing, as soon as I open my eyes on either the 21st of June or December, I must, MUST, communicate with Jean that “the nights area drawing in/out.” I am proud of her that these days it is by email. So, on this side of one of your many arguments, I’m with Chappers.

    Nearly a month later, it certainly does feel autumnal.

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