Occupy Nottingham

I’ve had in mind to blog something about the ‘Occupy’ phenomenon for quite a while. Indeed, I have the thoughts marshalled in my mind, I just need the time (and drive) to get them out. That said, rather as Nick predicted, I haven’t done much in the way of bogging at all recently – surely 4th November wasn’t my last post?

Anyway, as I passed the Occupy Nottingham camp this evening, and with that bastion of capitalism, Starbucks, close by, I felt compelled to sit and write something.

There are still about 20 tents, squeezed into a corner of the Market Square by a funfair and another temple of Mammon, a Christmas market. Credit where it’s due, it’s starting to get nippy of an evening, so they’re hard souls. Let’s see what the frost & snow of December does to their principles?

I will try and get found to my essay on the subject in due course… I’m sure you can’t wait.


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