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Move along, nothing to see here…

MarsEdit 4 is a decidedly not free upgrade from version 3. Is it worth it? That’s a question this relatively nonsense post is intended to ponder. If you’ve subscribed to Random Discourtesies in the past and have now received a notification about this post out-of-the-blue, given that it is over 11 months since I last posted anything here it will no doubt be a bit of a surprise. As the post title suggests, there is going to be nothing of any substance here, so I apologise for bothering you and, as poor compensation, tentatively suggest that I will post something a little more interesting… “soon”.

In the meanwhile, how about a lovely picture of a carousel at Nottingham’s “Winter Wonderland” taken this afternoon?

Carousel in Nottingham MArket Square 

This nonsense continues after the break…

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