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Stop me if I’ve had this moan before…


An off peak day return from Willington to Nottingham (courtesy of Cross Country trains) is £9. Curiously, but perhaps graciously, an Anytime day return is also £9. This was not always the case as I well remember being surcharged (albeit only the nominal difference) for leaving Nottingham on the ‘wrong’ train in the past.

Here’s the kicker though: A day return from Willington to Ratcliffe on Trent (two stations beyond Nottingham – but requiring a change of train in said city to get there) is £7.60.

I understand the laws of Supply and Demand. However, whilst it might be stretching a point, I also understand the Theft Act. Like it or not, buying a cheaper ticket with no intention of travelling beyond Nottingham has to be a deception, albeit with no chance (?) of it ever being proved (or inclination of it being prosecuted?)

On the other hand, there is at least one CrossCountry conductor who goes out of their way to tell passengers of the cheap fare (“you don’t want to go there, go here instead”), handing the ticket over as a done deal.

I’m not sure what the point of saying all this is? Other than I suppose it’s more proof that it’s a funny old world.