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Doom and Gloom – Already!? [Updated]

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised, but the booing has started already for the Red Sox. Sure, only two games (in a season of 162) have been played – and lost. However, as Dan Shaughnessy writes in the Globe, they are now on the receiving end of 22 losses in their last 29 games. The disaster of September should be consigned to the history books, but baseball is as much a head game as one of physical ability, so the memory of last year still has a powerful influence.

Two games, two starting pitchers, two losses. Clay Butcholtz starts tonight and will be under unimaginable pressure to turn in the first good start of the season. I can’t help but think (or is that fret?) that the absence of reliable, confident starting pitching is the thing that has been the achilles heel of the Red Sox for a long time.

You can never accuse Boston sports fans of not taking things seriously!

Update – following the Eleventh Inning defeat by Detroit in Game Three…

Well, they tried hard, that’s for sure, but that makes it Three Games, Three Failed Starting Pitchers and a spectacularly blown save by the (to be fair, emergency…) Closer.

This game was really hard work (to listen to!) and, like Game One, was nail biting at the end.

On to Totonto, for hopefully happier pickings?

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