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Very Nice People

This blog is provided by the Very Nice People@WordPress.com. The reason I know they are Very Nice People is that I have actually had contact with them. Their reply clearly demonstrated they were Very Nice People.

The reason I had to contact them was that the verification e-mail needed to set up this blog was supposed to show up a few seconds after submitting the application form, but half an hour later hadn’t arrived. Actually, it never did arrive.

My patience being what it is, I was compelled to submit an enquiry form to find out what the heck had gone wrong.

Actually I didn’t really get an answer to that question but what I did get was the link I needed the click on to set this blog up.

So that ended well.

By the way you might be interested to know that as an experiment, this entry has been dictated using DragonDictate on the iPad with moderate success, it has to be said. Here we are though.