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The New iPad and associated issues


After the dust has settled on last night’s hoopla, it’s time to reflect on what was announced and released. Of course the biggie is “The New iPad”. Perhaps the most surprising part of the whole thing was the name… No iPad3 or iPad HD – one of the few things the rumour sites failed to predict. It is always a bit of a disappointment when Apple’s big show merely confirms what has already been leaked – and this time round there was a lot which wasn’t a shock. The main takeaway from the event for me is that until you see it, pick it up, play with it…. I doubt you’ll fully appreciate how different it is to the iPad2.

Of course the main feature touted at the launch was how wonderful 4G is, something which is entirely useless to UK users – and will remain so for the lifetime of the device. In some respects, and I’m thinking of the slightly increased width and weight, us Brits have been served a bit of a croc.

I have to say, of more interest to me were the relatively minor releases which coincided with the event: iOS5.1 has been waiting in the wings for weeks. Although a maintainance release, it’s biggest feature as far as I am concerned is the ability to delete individual images from Photostream. This was an omission that, for me and many others, rendered a great feature almost unusable.

Also released last night, along with a raft of updates to Apple Apps, was the new iPhoto for iOS. A snip at £2.99, this is a phenomenal piece of software, packed with features. I’m still getting to grips with it, but I really like the Journal feature. My first stab at creating a Journal. Still missing, as far as I can see, is the ability for edited metadata (keywords, faces, etc) to be propagated around the Photostream.

Also updated last night, the second generation Apple TV has been rejuvenated with a new user interface. Netflix are well placed by inclusion on this platform and Lovefilm should be looking over their shoulder. It would be excellent if BBC iPlayer were to be included, but maybe that’s for the future? Given that the new OS for AppleTV has all the features of the new iteration – except 1080P HD of course – I won’t be rushing out for one of them, after all.

So, the burning question, and one that seems to be on the lips of everyone who bumps into me at work: Will I be getting the New iPad? Well…. I certainly haven’t (and won’t) pre-order one. I want to have ‘hands on’ before I decide. In some ways, Apple have double-sixed me by retaining the 16Gb iPad2 at the cut-down price of £329. I suspect this will dilute the market for secondhand iPad2s, a factor which any potential upgrade to the new one relies upon. Interesting and pleasing to note that the launch in the UK will be concurrent with the US.

On balance, I believe I will hold my water until the inevitable update to the MacBook Air.

Then again…..?

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