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Risk & Reward

Financial Planning
Just had a meeting with my “financial advisor”.

This is an area I have never really been involved in – not having been in a position to do so before. Nevertheless, I felt that what he was saying chimed with my take on the world. I liked the point that as a long term customer of a mutual building society, the starting point in any assessment of risk in investment is likely to be zero.

It was certainly interesting: Gilts. Bonds. Equities. Risk. Always that word. After endowment mortgages and similar hiccups in the past, the financial people appear at pains to tell you – Risk. (And Reward – you hope).

Main point of the appointment was to get my mortgage paid-off — in itself something of a momentous moment.

I’ve come away with plenty of food for thought about my future financial plan — as well as having my life sketched out for me as a kind of A4 cartoon.