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I’ve Been A Very Naughty Boy – Updated x2

The Apple MacBook Air

The Apple annual Wordwide Developers Conference was held yesterday in San Francisco at which there were many exciting new products announced. So it was inevitable that within a few days my credit card would get a worrying. The variables were simple; How Long it would take me to make a decision, and How Much.

Completely unexpectedly it turned out to be a two horse race. I have had in mind for some time to swap my 2009 MacBook for a 13″ MacBook Air and had been holding off in the certain knowledge a refresh was coming. The closer we got to WWDC the more certain this would be THE day. Indeed, Phil Schiller came on stage and reeled off a series of improvements to the MacBook Air – including a $100 price drop. I was sold. But then…

With typical Apple flair and showmanship, a new product was revealed from under a black cloth…. The “Next Generation” MacBook Pro.  With its “retina display” (read: the best screen you’ve ever seen on any computer, ever!) kick-ass specs and, it has to be said, quite reasonable entry-level cost. All of a sudden, the decision got very difficult.

In the end, the deciding factor was that the new MacBook Air is immediately available, whereas shipping times for the new MBP have slipped – initially to a couple of days, and now as I type this, to two-to-three weeks. Once I decide I’m spending that sort of money, that’s far too long to wait.

So it came to pass that Apple now have yet more of my money (well, my credit card company’s money at the moment!) and I’ll be staring out the window longingly tomorrow scanning the horizon for a UPS van.

The rest of the WWDC Keynote, by the way, was equally gripping. Jim & I were comparing notes as we went along via iMessage (Jim, I fear, is head-over-heels in love with the new MBP and based on his declared financial plan for owning one, I doubt a small wait will trouble him). Apart from the Look How Much We Love Our Developers schmaltz, the remainder of the presentation dealt with enhancements to the Mac and iOS operating systems… all good stuff to look forward to. Interestingly, there was a very obvious tilt at Google running through most of the presentation.

Clutching at straws to justify the expenditure: As I’ve bought a new Mac, at least I’ll be entitled to a free upgrade to OSX Mountain Lion when it launches next month – a  £13.99 value! Another serious point is that a MacBook Air is going to be much more suited to next week’s Four Corners Tour – I had been considering leaving my MacBook at home and relying entirely on the iPad… not any longer.

UPDATE: Just had a text from Apple. My order has dispatched with delivery expected “On or before 14-06-2012“. Um, ‘before’, I like the sound of that, though I won’t be watching out tonight!

Further Update – Thursday evening:

I don’t want to come across as having no sense of proportion or having lost sight of the realities of the world, but I’m a very unhappy camper this evening. By way of explanation, I’ll share the email I have just sent to Apple. It may not be a zinger, nor do I expect it to mean much to anyone, but it was marginally cathartic to send…

I just wanted to give you some feedback over the above order. Apple’s part in this has been First Class, an exceptionally quick and painless process. Thank you.

Then you passed my purchase onto Syncreon. You had handled your part and passed the package onto them in a matter of a couple of hours and helpfully texted me to that effect. They managed to get it to their central hub in about four hours. That’s the end of the good news.

Syncreon’s tracking service — which is far from intuitive to find, let alone use — records that it went out for delivery this morning at 08:31. It also indicated an expected delivery time of 18:00 – so I was resigned to waiting in all day. Luckily I had no plans or commitments, which is why I ordered it when I did.

I was therefore extremely annoyed to see that at 15:21 the package was scanned back in at Syncreon’s Hinkley Hub. Whilst the Apple order page was later updated to that effect, I had no other notification either to my email or text/phone. That, I’m afraid, is very poor on a number of levels. It means I will be significantly inconvenienced tomorrow in order to receive the delivery. Had I known it would take two days, I would have gone and collected the machine from an Apple Retail store.

I fully understand and accept there were likely good reasons for the non-delivery. Not being notified, however, is poor service. It is also in stark contrast, not only with the communication afforded by other carriers, but also with what I expect of Apple – albeit by association.

Thank you for listening.


Let’s see what tomorrow brings – apart from Kay’s understandable reaction to me not being able to take her for an appointment in the morning.