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Live Unboxing

Perfect timing! I pulled into the street, arriving home
from work, as the UPS van pulled up behind. Didn’t notice the brown
socks though!

Freshly delivered for unboxing More to follow when I’ve got changed…
Ten Minutes Later Right, I’m changed.

First layer.jpg

Next layer

Designed by Apple in California


Getting there...

Closer... Wow!
That’s why it arrived so quickly… “Assembled in Ireland”. Is this
a first??

Made in Ireland
It’s out….

Front view

5mm thin side

Accessories The
Magic Trackpad and keyboard come with batteries already inserted.
Time to Power On

We have start up
And, after quite a few screens I won’t bore you with…

Thank You Except
this one… … Apple MacOS X has heard of Derby!!


Just one more…

Start up complete.

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