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266 Days

… I have just updated the WordPress app with the new iOS9 version and noticed above label against my last posting here. Disgraceful! It isn’t as though I haven’t got anything to say these days – I simply seem to have got out of the habit of blogging about it.

I’d like to think this is fair warning to the waiting world, that I am about to change my habits and get back to posting nonsense here (which, frankly, most if not all the previous posts have been!).

Then again…

Risk & Reward

Financial Planning
Just had a meeting with my “financial advisor”.

This is an area I have never really been involved in – not having been in a position to do so before. Nevertheless, I felt that what he was saying chimed with my take on the world. I liked the point that as a long term customer of a mutual building society, the starting point in any assessment of risk in investment is likely to be zero.

It was certainly interesting: Gilts. Bonds. Equities. Risk. Always that word. After endowment mortgages and similar hiccups in the past, the financial people appear at pains to tell you – Risk. (And Reward – you hope).

Main point of the appointment was to get my mortgage paid-off — in itself something of a momentous moment.

I’ve come away with plenty of food for thought about my future financial plan — as well as having my life sketched out for me as a kind of A4 cartoon.


Police & Crime Commissioners

As we await the results of yesterday’s election (but at the same time learn that the turnout was a woeful, and predictable, <15%) a political irony occurs to me.

Imagine, if you will, that the post of Police& Crime Commissioner existed in 1984. In Derbyshire, with David Bookbinder at the height of his powers, it is probable that the incumbent would be the Labour party candidate. The same, as a matter of absolute certainty, could be said of South Yorkshire. That being the case, I don’t think it is too far-fetched to say that we would live in an entirely different world today.

Obviously we can’t predict what else may have happened in the interim, but the likelihood is that the power of the PCC would have outweighed the influence of central government in terms of how police were deployed to deal with NUM pickets. That would likely have been sufficient to affect the outcome of the miners’ dispute – at least in as much as it is often cited as the catalyst which led to the vastly reduced trade union power of today compared to the 1970s & 80s. Would this have also stymied the Thatcherite headlong drive toward unregulated capitalism that, ultimately, led to the banking crisis of 2008?

Either way, I think it is a lesson from history that in its rush to implement a flawed and dogmatic process, the current government have completely failed to see.

Sunday as it should be


17:40 Sunday afternoon in Tenko – no rushing to get some before closing. This one is open 24 hours! Not sure I’d want to be here at 04:00 though!


Is Kay trying to tell me something?

During our regular visit to Starbucks, Kay very helpfully snaffled the weekly iTunes freebie. This week’s couldn’t be less appropriate!


Winter Arrives


It took until early February, but we’ve finally seen a decent amount of snow. About 4″ in Oakwood and still falling.

Too Many Tweets Make a Twat?



The above quote was widely rebroadcast when David Cameron was asked during an election campaign whether he was on Twitter. It’s a sentiment I’ve long subscribed to. However, despite my continuing entrenched opposition to Facebook, I have responded to popular demand (well, one person’s suggestion!) and signed-up for Twitter…

I am Crepello012.

On the grounds that I have the grand total of Zero followers, I have yet to tweet anything meaningful (which I recognise can be a vicious circle!), but I’m prepared to give it a go.


The Signwriter’s Craft


Quality job, Smalley Drive, Oakwood.

Hell O World

Blogging has been around, what, about 50 years? So now it’s time for me to have one. Actually, I’ve had several, over a span of many years, but this is the first time I’ve tried to be formal about it.

This post won’t last long, it’s really about me getting started and testing everything out.  We will start for real Very Soon Now ™.



Comic blogging....

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