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I’m Up The Cuckoo Tree

I recently heard the 1982 “classic” Living On The Ceiling by Blancmange played on the radio. In the progressive and enlightened age we live in, despite it being daytime radio, it was the original version that they played – complete with the shocking and gratuitous use of the phrase “I’m up the bloody tree”.

It made me nostalgic for the radio edit of the time quoted in the title of this post. I recall being quite shocked when I first heard the Bloody version in a club one night in the 80’s! Maybe they’ll give the Mary Whitehouse version an airing one day for old time’s sake.


Thought For The Day

One of the downsides of starting work at 06:00 is Vannesa Feltz. Worse is the few minutes of blather that the BBC foist upon us in the guise of Thought For The Day.

Whilst never decrying another’s personal beliefs or right to express them, it strikes me that this piece of religious propaganda (albeit slavishly multi-faith, this is the BBC after all) is anachronistic in the 21st Century.

Whether the speaker is Muslim, Budhist, Hindu or common-a-garden Christian, they always seem to have a plummy Home Counties accent and exude middle-class isolation from the Real World. It makes you wonder where the BBC keep this pool of cocooned naives.

Yes, it’s a sweeping statement, and no, I can’t produce evidence to support my irrational accusation. It’s funny though, that always seems to be the Thought I’m left with for the Day.