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MarsEdit 4 is a decidedly not free upgrade from version 3. Is it worth it? That’s a question this relatively nonsense post is intended to ponder. If you’ve subscribed to Random Discourtesies in the past and have now received a notification about this post out-of-the-blue, given that it is over 11 months since I last posted anything here it will no doubt be a bit of a surprise. As the post title suggests, there is going to be nothing of any substance here, so I apologise for bothering you and, as poor compensation, tentatively suggest that I will post something a little more interesting… “soon”.

In the meanwhile, how about a lovely picture of a carousel at Nottingham’s “Winter Wonderland” taken this afternoon?

Carousel in Nottingham MArket Square 

This nonsense continues after the break…

Given this is meant to be a bit of a review of the MarsEdit upgrade, my first observation is that the process of adding an image to a blog post is as painless as it can be in the circumstances, Those circumstances being that the app uses the macOS built in media chooser using Photos. This is slightly problematical in that it defaults to the user’s full photo library and thus becomes completely unresponsive for the best part of a minute or more as it churns its way through the library. I stress that this is an Apple problem that the app developer is helpless to avoid.  It gets there in the end, however, and once the picker has the images available to it, is simple enough from then on.

I’m quite pleased with this photo, by the way. It is taken on an iPhone using the ‘long exposure’  feature built into  iOS. In an ideal world it would be framed much better but it was enough of a challenge as it was to get a view reasonably unobstructed by other structures and the people milling around. It is what it is!

Back to MarsEdit: Having a live preview window for what is essentially a ‘mark up’ style editor (rather than a “WYSIWYG” approach like a word processor) is very helpful…  (though agree that this example will underwhelm you!)

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Indulge me while I divert into another aside: Getting that screen grab into the post is made so much easier by the use of a highly recommended app called Yoink. The screen grab keystroke is adapted to save its output into a Yoink ‘panel’ and thus is available to be dropped straight into the post.  That is what Yoink does so well, providing a temporary holding space for things (files etc.) you want to drag & drop while you find where you want to drag it too.Hopefully that pasted link from there Mac App Store will be useful?

Another new feature of MarsEdit version 4 is the ability to drag an image out of the post onto a ‘featured image’ pane. I’m not entirely sure how that will get presented in the finished product — so I’m looking forward to finding out when I publish. There’s a “View on Web” button at the top of the MarEdit main window which I have tried in order to get an on-line preview. However, there’s no sign of this page — though it occurs to me that I have yet to save the post, even as a draft…

Posting the page to the blog as a Draft (I’m not ready for the whole world to view my rambling yet) doesn’t help. Clicking the button takes me to the blog but an error message saying the page doesn’t exist. This is presumably as I’m not signed in to WordPress on the web and so it won’t show the draft to me. (Obviously.)

Right, I think I have seen enough to at least get a basic feel for the app in its latest incarnation. I’ve always liked MarsEdit and use it as my primary writing app when blogging on holiday. The upgrade adds some helpful little bits & bobs but I’m still a little sceptical as to whether it is worth the upgrade cost. That said, and as the vendors point out, this is the first paid upgrade in seven years, so I really shouldn’t moan too much.

You read this far? Despite my warning? Haven’t you heard that there’s a big world wide web out there? You must  be able to find something more interesting than this. 🙂 

OK, one more view of the carousel….


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