er, I Wonder What This Does

There isn’t really any point to this post. I’m making it simply because I realise I haven’t said much here for a long time. I’d hate Random Discourtesies to fall into the category of ‘disused’ that we are told the majority of Blogs quickly become.

So, stand by for a waffle of as yet undetermined length…


What have I got on my mind then? New Year; must be something to work with there. There is no doubt 2013 will live long in my memory, probably the biggest milestone year in my life since starting work in 1981. When I “retired” in February I said I would take a year away from the job market, a mid-life gap year I told everyone. Well that year is almost up and I still have no specific plans to resume my (paid) working life. I acknowledge my arrogance in expecting a dream job to magically land in my lap with no effort on my part at all. Still, as I type this, that about sums it up!

I have no strong wish to return to full time employment (but don’t rule it out in the right circumstances). Nor do I relish the idea of shift work again, but the same proviso applies. I count my blessings daily, that I can be so indifferent and still have no worries about a roof over my head and food on the table.

To use an expression which is common around these parts, “sommat’ll ‘appen”.

A common question during the aforementioned period of apparent idleness has been “how do you fill your day?”. Truth is I don’t always know, but it never seem to a problem. I can’t think of one instance in the last 11 months or so when I felt I was bored or at a loss for something to “do”. Some of it, as an added bonus, may have been productive.

One area of my life that takes up a fair proportion of my time is being the Coordinator  of the Midland Railway Study Centre ( As well as organising the duties of the other volunteers (note to self; this needs doing for this year, and soon) I have loads of fun tinkering with the website. I am particularly proud of the several databases which can be interrogated through the website – some pretty nifty work there, though I do say so myself. By the way, if this is starting to sound a bit like a cv, then that may not be entirely accidental!

Of course, the other part of my life which occupies a lot of my time is my darling girlfriend Kay. As I type this, chilling on a Sunday afternoon in Starbucks, Kay is cramming for her driving theory test using an iPad app (of course!).Assuming she sticks with it and passes her test (and after all these years, I really think she will this time!) then my services as volunteer taxi driver will reduce. A bit. That, of course, all depends on her getting her own car, which is likely to be a story in itself!

Travel. That took up a chunk of 2013 as followers of will know. I can’t see 2014 coming even close to the adventures of last year, but you never know. Nick (my brother) and I are having a week in Florida in February for the most noble purpose of seeing the World Champion Boston Red Sox in Spring Training. This is an ambition of both of ours and I’m really looking forward to it. We are hoping that the Open House scheduled for the weekend while we are there will allow us to ‘meet & greet’ a few of the players – hopefully at least close enough for a “hey, dude!” moment (which is an extremely obscure West Wing reference!).

That, for any one who cares, pretty much brings you up-to-date with what is happening with me right now. Is that a useful purpose for a blog, or should I go back to critiquing life around me as I see it? Maybe.


More Beer…


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