Are We There Yet – The Annex

A bit of housekeeping news: Regular readers will be aware of – the repository for all things holiday related in yours truly’s world. Well, as I have a forthcoming trip and want to be able to use all WordPress’s excellent tools, particularly for iOS, I have created a sister blog to this one – rather nattily titled the Are We There Yet Annex.

This will prevent Random Discourtesies getting clogged up with Wish You Were Here type posts, especially helpful if you were foolish to click the Follow button (hint hint!)

So what, I hear you cry, of the forthcoming trip? All is revealed over at the Annex, but it isn’t too big a spoiler to reveal it involves a seven day All Line rail ticket… (a UK one, despite Jim’s continued urging that I should spread my sights into Europe).

Day One is Monday 18th June, so not long to wait….


No painful reminders to keep my camera with me, if you please 🙂


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