Not for me, thank you


So, where are we on the New iPad front? I vowed that I would have hands on with one (or two!) before making my mind up. Well, I’ve done that and have reached a decision – and it’s bad news for those who had a bet on me buying one.

Though Gruber mocked it (in a funny way, it has to be said) the Gizmodo review sums my thoughts up very well.

The truth is that while trying the New iPad in the Apple store at Highcross, I simply couldn’t tell the difference. In fact in KRCS I was sure it was old stock they had on display. To me, that speaks higher of the iPad2 than it is negative about the New iPad. Sure, the Retina Display makes photos look good, but so does the 2.

I had the opportunity to test my 2 alongside Jim’s shiny New iPad today. It is only holding one in each hand that the very slight difference in size/weight is just apparent – in isolation it is effectively impossible. As a quick test of speed I simultaneously launched the iPhoto app and the New was noticeably quicker. When I repeated the test to show Jim my findings, however, there was hardly any difference (despite “killing” the app from the task bar first – it was obviously still in RAM).

I still think non-US users are paying a supplement for the race to adopt LTE. That said, one feature of the New iPad I wish was in the iPad2 is tethering – something I’m sure I would use a lot.

My initial instinct has thus been confirmed: The New iPad is stunningly better than the first model, but at best only a slight advance on the 2. In some respects (perhaps understandable compromises brought about by the Retina Display) it is a very slight step back. I still doubt if the Apple of 12 months ago would have made that step – at any cost.

Bring on the MacBook Air refresh!!

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