Blogging from the iPhone queue


Got here 07:20. Tenth in the queue. Staff are already allocating phones – I am No.5 for the black 16Gb. Not sure when they formally open (web site says 0900). Two guys behind me
When asked by staff which phone he wanted, chap behind helpfully answered “iPhone 4S” – which amused the O2 guy!
Comp. coffee being handed out.
Listening to the chat, most in queue are shift workers! Someone from Hereford, came here especially – huh!?

Update 08:05

About 30 in the queue. Judging by the number of queue cards they have to hand out (which the lead bloke says matches stock), they’ve got plenty to go at.

Lots of O2 staff around, but apparently Westfield won’t allow them to open early. Given almost all O2 stores other than those in Westfield centres are opening at 08:02 according to their web site, that has a ring of truth.

Still, the free coffee helps!

Update 08:45
Nearly there. All the O2 staff who have been looking after the queue have gone back in for a briefing. They’ve been demoing a 4S to the queue, though I suspect most in the queue know far more about how it works than the O2 chap does!

The irony of the moment is that Car Phone Warehouse three units away are open – and selling iPhone 4S on all networks, including O2!

They’re now handing out free newspapers to the queue, choice of all the dailies. That’s service.

Goes without saying we’re getting strange looks from passers by as the centre comes to life. Occasional snarky remarks for good measure too. Group now includes a couple of yoofs at the front wanting to buy a Blackberry from O2 when they open. Spot the odd ones out!


Update 08:55

Now complimentary muffins and orange juice! Join the queue for breakfast, even if you’re not buying a phone!

Update 09:10
They are processing customers four at a time, the first one in & out of the store in just ten minutes. At that rate I should be in about half past….

Update 09:50

Got It!


Activated and waiting for number to transfer over. Adjourned to Starbucks for much needed decent coffee (been standing since 07:30!) and a play with Siri! Have to restore from my 3GS backup at home later to be fully operational.

Woot! – as I believe the With It crowd say.

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5 thoughts on “Blogging from the iPhone queue

  1. Nick says:

    Good luck – will be interested in updates.

  2. Jim says:

    Ahh, I love a MazGadgetModoRumours live queue-blog in the morning.

    Mrs Jim is pacing the living room looking out the window: “It’s out for delivery…”

  3. Jim says:

    Excellent queue-blog. Enjoyed vicariously waiting. You had a better breakfast than me.

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