BBC News – HTC ‘investigating’ security flaw uncovered by blogger

It seems that if you’ve recently bought an HTC device running the latest flavour of Android, thanks to a ridiculously simple exploit, bad guys can relieve you of all manner of private information. Compare and Contrast the below quote with the hullabaloo that followed the “revelation” of the existence of a list of cell towers an iPhone had – at any unspecified time in its life – been in range of.

“They didn’t anticipate that kind of information would be of interest. It’s a lack of foresight rather than lax programming, I think. It should be something relatively easy to fix.” – Rik Ferguson, director of security research and communications at Trend Micro.

Just so we’re clear, this is the information that Mr. Ferguson doesn’t think “would be of interest” to people with dishonest intent:-

  • The list of user accounts, including email addresses
  • A log of recent GPS locations
  • Phone numbers taken from recent call logs
  • SMS data, including recent numbers and encoded messages

via BBC News – HTC ‘investigating’ security flaw uncovered by blogger.


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