Me at the Mothership

A few hours ago, I sent the following email to a few friends:

I’m sending this email to a few selected friends in my address book for you to read or ignore, as you see fit.

If you hate my Are We There Yet ramblings, or have no time in your busy world to take in someone else’s occasional pointless blather, then now is is the time to hit delete and move on to your next email. Thanks, and no hard feelings, Dave.

Meanwhile, those who are intrigued enough to read on will probably know that I steadfastly refuse to jump on the Facebook bandwagon. I’ve been tempted to Tweet, but have yet to fully see the point. I have, however, “blogged” on and off for many years. We used to call it a diary, remember?

The reason for this email is to point out that I have started Blogging on a more regular basis than when on holiday. That said, rest assured that it isn’t a Dear Diary style recounting of my day – that will remain the house style over at Are We There Yet. Instead, my blog is simply a place for me to share a thought or two, as though I were talking to whoever I was with at the time. I find this idea of typing thoughts instead of articulating them to an imaginary friend makes me less likely to get strange looks in public! (though perhaps not eradicating them entirely?)

Thus “Random Discourtesies” (crepello.wordpress.com) is hereby launched to an underwhelmed potential audience. I’ve been rambling away to a very select group for a few weeks, but have now got to the point where I think it would be better to share more widely.

Incidentally; for anyone who has an urge to blog and/or foresake the Facebook treadmill, I heartilly recommend the WordPress site. Their blogging tools and iOS apps are spot on. Try it, it can be fun!



The point of repeating it here is simply to give you a place you to say Hi and leave a comment if you wish…


One thought on “Welcome…

  1. Jim says:

    I have put you in the same folder of favourites as Gruber. Exalted company.

    Pleased indeed to see this development. I hope it gives you hours of entertainment and insightful discussion. I will follow it closely. As a long time reader can I make a plea that you give some consideration to resurrecting your excellent reports from your rail trip around the eastern States. It was epic and I would love to re-read it.

    I too will resist Facebook and I’ll resist it ’til my dying day. It is only interested in its users as a commodity, nothing more. It wants to know as much about me as possible to sell me to the highest bidder. It has no concern whatever with my privacy, indeed it detests the concept of my privacy. It is the technological equivalent of a tattoo. Seemed like a good idea at the time; generally regretted later.

    I look forward to the development of this blog with keen interest.

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