Pointless Sign?


For the first time that I can recall, Willington station has been blessed with a timetable broken down into popular destinations. Given that in the current incarnation of the timetable, it is exclusively Birmingham – Nottingham trains which stop at Willington, the entire exercise is in itself somewhat pointless. A good old fashioned list of times at which trains stop would do.

The real head-scratcher, however, is the suggested route for a mid-morning excursion to Birmingham… Change at Long Eaton!?

I’ve yet to look at the times in detail, so I’m unclear whether the suggestion is to travel out via Derby, cross the platform, and return via Derby (thus wasting 10 minutes or so each way), or to then change to a Leicester service and change again there for Birmingham?

Either way, I suspect presenting a Willington to Birmingham ticket on boarding at Long Eaton would result in an Excess Fare being charged.


Don’t suppose the solution of a mid-morning service in the Birmingham direction stopping at Willington was considered?


I have now looked at the full timetable and, to use the 10:54 example…

Willington depart 10:54
Derby arrive 11:05
Derby depart 11:10
Long Eaton arrive 11:19
Long Eaton depart 11:51
Derby arrive 12:02
Derby depart 12:06
Birmingham New Street arrive 12:53

Or, how about:-

Willington depart 10:54
Derby arrive 11:05
Derby depart 11:06
Birmingham New Street arrive 11:53

Or if that very tight connection doesn’t work, there’s a 11:27 non-stop departure from Derby arriving at 12:07.

Long Eaton – why……..?

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